PlayStation 6 will be ready by 2028?

PlayStation 6

PlayStation 6 in 2028: More information arises about Sony’s possible new console, the most desired by consumers. Find out more in this post.

Rumors about the dialogue between Sony and chip company AMD have only served to increase anticipation for the next PlayStation console, number 6, which is supposed to be ready by 2028.

Therefore, PlayStation will stop using NVIDIA technology and will switch to the competition, with a marked improvement in design and space. Does this mean that the next PlayStation 6 will have a different design?

Furthermore, the switch from NVIDIA to AMD implies the use of 16GB GDDR6 type RAM, a significant technical and quality leap.

This means that the next PlayStation console will have noticeable improvements in how demanding video games are viewed and played, while still being able to play with the current catalog of video games.

We’re excited at Gamerskids Store! And we’ll keep you updated on upcoming developments.

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