The 5 most popular consoles in the world

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Discover the most popular consoles on the gaming planet. We recommend starting here if you are one of those adults looking to get started in the world of video games to give your loved ones a good video game console.

Nintendo Switch: The best-selling hybrid console of 2023

The Nintendo Switch led sales with 30.6 million units. It is a hybrid console, what does this mean? That you can use it both at home and transport it with you.
Therefore, its main advantage is its versatility, since you can play on your television or on the console’s built-in screen. In addition, it has a very varied catalog of games, with titles for all ages.
Ideal gift for: a person who wants to play the same video games at home as they do on their trips or in their free time outside of their home.

Nintendo Switch™ with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con™ and SanDisk 256GB microSDXC Card, Licensed Switch

PlayStation 5: Sony’s next-generation console

Sony’s PlayStation 5 sold 24.2 million units. It stands out for its graphic power and its large catalog of exclusive games. The PS5 offers an immersive gaming experience with high-quality graphics. It is the cinema of video games.
It also has an impressive performance with its exclusive video games. In addition, its DualSense control improves the gaming experience with feedback through touch and adaptive triggers.
Ideal gift for: a gamer looking for a high-quality gaming experience at home and exclusive titles.

Xbox Series X|S: The console with the best game subscription

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles sold 17.4 million units. They are known for their Game Pass subscription service, a gateway to the gaming world with a wide catalog of video games accessible by paying a monthly fee.
In addition, the consoles have a large storage capacity and support 4K games.
Ideal for: Gamers looking for a large library of games for a subscription and a 4K home experience.

Steam Deck: The portable console for PC gamers

Valve’s Steam Deck surpassed three million sales. It is a portable console that allows you to play games in the Steam library, a service that sells and manages video games online. This means that if it is installed on your PC, you can play it anywhere.
Additionally, the Steam Deck has comfortable controls and a high-resolution touch screen.
Ideal for: Gamers looking to bring their games from one of the leading PC game libraries but on a portable console, easy to take anywhere.

ASUS ROG Ally: The portable console for PC gaming lovers

The ASUS ROG Ally sold around 500,000 consoles. It is a portable console with a focus on PC gaming. This means you can play a wide variety of PC games on the console.
Additionally, the ASUS ROG Ally has a long-lasting battery and a high-quality display.
Ideal for: Gamers looking for a great portable PC gaming experience without battery life being a hassle and with excellent graphic quality.

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