Nintendo Switch Accessories to Give as Gifts: Best Budget-Friendly Add-Ons

The best Nintendo Switch accessories to give as gifts are here with simple explanations and great prices.

At Gamerskids Store, we want you to give your favorite gamers the best experiences with the video games they love. To enhance their gaming hours, we propose several accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

If they love playing The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, or Animal Crossing on their favorite device, make their day with a great gift. Here are the best options at affordable prices.

Triple Pack Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Enjoy peace of mind with this Nintendo Switch screen protector featuring three tempered glass covers that protect your device without losing image quality or touchscreen capabilities. Very easy to install.

Transparent Protective Case

With extra protection, everyone’s happy. This protective case is transparent, doesn’t add bulk to your Switch, and prevents small knocks that wear down the edges of your device. It also protects the buttons.

Nintendo Switch Protective Case for 24/48 Games

If your gamer or you love video games and keep them in physical format, this case for 24 games is the ideal accessory to keep your favorite cartridges organized, protected, and secure. But visit the link, there are more models.

Dual Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch

The portable Nintendo console is a great device, and this accessory proves it: a simulation steering wheel to enhance the experience with classic games like Mario Kart. It is used as a complement to the Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch Case

Now we recommend an option to store and maintain this great device. A case compatible with all three Nintendo Switch designs.

Nintendo Switch Car Headrest Mount

Going on a trip and the kids want to play with their Switch? Give them a different experience with this accessory that mounts the device to the car headrest.

 Cosmos Car Headrest Mount Holder Seat Mount Holder Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Other Mini Tablets

Cosmos Car Headrest Mount Holder Seat Mount Holder Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Other Mini Tablets

LV40 Wireless Headphones

Take a step further to maintain an immersive experience with our Nintendo Switch. Wireless headphones with a microphone. And even speakers.

Pokemon Carry Case

Another option for storing and transporting your Nintendo Switch is this Pokemon-inspired case, which also serves to carry other accessories.

Case with Built-in Battery for Nintendo Switch

If you want to take it a step further, this case offers the possibility of greater autonomy. It features an internal 10,000 mAh battery and two slots for carrying two additional games.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The last accessory we recommend is the original Nintendo Switch controller for playing like on other consoles. A great complement for advanced players, both in skill and age.

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